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Past Events


April 1st  The crew hosted a Discover Scuba.  We had 12 people blow bubbles underwater for the first time.  Click here for all of the pictures.


Mar. 7th. For our March monthly crew meeting, we met at Cave Springs Lanes in St. Peters.  We had our meeting then enjoyed some bowling fun, pizza and soda!

Feb. 20th.  The Crew hosted a Discover Scuba for 26 individuals from troop 677.  Thanks to Rob E, Rob H, Matt H, Joseph B-E, Penny A, Jenny A, Letitia B-E,  Clay B, Bailey B, MicIMG_7160helle R, Michael B, Jeff E, Chris E, and Marty K. for making this a success for both the crew and Midwest Scuba.  The evening was very well documented with 237 pictures.  Click here for the pictures.

20160216_191727Feb. 16th.  We were asked by a troop to come and make a presentation about a Discover Scuba that the crew is doing and talk to them about the Scuba Skill Center that we have coming up this summer.  Would like to thank our three youth that came to make this happen, Bailey, Joseph and Matt and the three adults, Michelle, Marty and Chris.  We had some great “shore support” as well, Clay B. and Rob E.  Of course, this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Rob E.’s contact and him getting things started.  Click here for the pictures.

Feb. 12th. Hidden Valley.  The crew organized and enjoyed a district event with Snow boarding, snow skiing or tubing.  Click here for the pictures.

Jan. 15th.  The district had a lock-in visiting 4 different businesses in the St. Charles/St. Louis area.  Click here for the pictures.



Your 2016 Crew OfficersDec. 13th.  Christmas Party.  We celebrated the holidays while enjoying dinner together, reminiscing over good times spent together this
last year, as well as looking forward to our exciting calendar for 2016!  Click here for the slide show that was presented during the meeting.  Congrats to our new youth officers for the 2016 year:  Crew President, Marcella S. was reelected for her 2nd term; Vice President of Administration, Matt H; Vice President of Program, Joseph B; Vice President of Communication, Bailey B; and Quartermaster, Oliver S.   We also had two new Master Scuba Divers presented during the meeting.  Congrats to Gordon Richart and Penny Auld for completing their MSD this year.  For all of the pictures from the evening, click here.


Oct. 24th.  Pumpkin Carve in Rolla, MO.  This is one of Crew 905’s big fundraisers for the year.  We had 18 paid divers plus another 6 or so folks that assisted.  We had some fantastic prizes this year, plus the rain held off and the day was perfect for diving!  Click here for pictures of the weekend.

Oct 10th – 11th.  Table Rock Dive weekend.  We camped at Indian Point Campground, did a lot of dives, rode go carts, ate ice cream and had a great time!  Click here for pictures of the weekend.

Advance Open Water weekend

August 15th and 16th.  Advanced Open-water weekend.  We had 12 people that went, earning a total of 8 different certifications.  Congratulations to our new Advanced Open-Water certified students: Alex B.,  Joseph B,-E. Oliver S., Rob E. and Malena S.  Congrats to our  Night Specialty Divers: Joseph B-E., Rob E. and congrats to our new Deep Diver specialty diver: Marcella S. During the weekend, Gordon did his 50th dive which was his last step in earning his Master Scuba Diver, the highest non-professional certification in the PADI system.  Big shout out to him for finishing this up.  Click here for all the pictures of the weekend.


Oct. 25th.  Pumpkin Carve.  This is a fundraiser for the Crew.  13 people in total dove, 4 youth crew members, 2 adult crew members and 7 people from the public.  Congratulations to Jonathan B. for the best pumpkin.  Scott H. was 2nd place for costume.  Tommy Lee N. was 3rd place for costume.  Thanks for everyone who came out to help, including Jessica G. for youth leadership and Michelle Rose for adult leadership for this event.  Click here for all of the pictures.

June 6th – 8th.  Advanced/Rescue and Specialty weekend training.  26 people in total went.  10 youth divers, 12 adult divers and 4 non-divers.  27 certifications in total were earned.  Congrats to Dylan B., Bailey B., Devin B., 2014 Advance RescueDennis F., Clay B., Gordon H., Jon B., and Andrew B. for finishing the Advanced Open-Water certification.  Congrats to Jonathon B., Scott H., Tommy Lee N., Mark N., Penny A. and Marcella S. for finishing their Rescue certification.  Congrats to Dylan B., Bailey B., Devon B., Dennis F., Clay B., and Gordon H. for completing the Night Diver specialty course.   Congrats to Dylan B., Bailey B., Devon B., Dennis F., Clay B., Gordon H. and Scott H. for completing their Peak Performance specialty course.   The youth were given the camera and 687 pictures were taken!  Click here for all of the pictures.  Special thanks to Cherie Hixon and Debbie Neville for all of their cooking and to Michelle Rose and Jack Toland for all of their work assisting with the dives.


November 23rd.  Wood splitting.  This was a great fundraiser for those who like money!

November 22nd.  Sky Zone. 15+ people came and did some serious jumping!   Click here for all of the pictures.

November 21st.  Old Newsboys Day. Our second annual volunteer day to help the Old Newsboys campaign.  Thanks for all of those that came so we could give back to the community!

November 16th.  Movie Night at Klondike Park with Crew 2972.  We had 6 youth and 1 adult that went.  Sorry, no one took pictures. 🙁

November 16th.  Scouting for Food.  We had 16 people come who volunteered their time.  Thanks to all that gave back to your community!  Click here for the group picture.

October 26th. Scuba Carve.  This is a fundraiser for the Crew.  16 people in total dove, 7 youth crew members, 3 adult crew members and 6 people from the public.  Congratulations to Jonathan B. for the best pumpkin and Tommy Lee N. for the best costume.  Also big thanks to Austin F. for the T-shirt design.  Click here for all of the pictures.

Haigh Quarry. Sept 2013.  9 people (8 divers, 5 youth and 4 adults) went up to Haigh Quarry in Kankakee, IL and did some fantastic diving on Saturday! On the drive home on Sunday we stopped by Springfield, IL to visit Lincoln’s home.

August 2013.  Scuba Skill Center.  8 people became Open-Water certified divers and 11 other crew members joined them for a fun-filled weekend at Mermet ultimate-getaway-1Springs!

July 13th – July 21st. Dry Tortugas.  Our Super Activity for the summer of 2013 where 12 youth and 8 adults traveled to Ft. Myers Beach, FL, and climbed on board the Ultimate Getaway, a 100′ live-a-board chase boat for divers. We settled in and woke up in the Dry Tortugas, ready to dive, spending five days and six nights aboard for a 17-dive amazing experience! Our trip also included a stop at the Historic Fort Jefferson.