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BSA Applications

BSA Physical

For our  crew, if the event is less than 72 hours and does not include Scuba diving, you will need part A and B and a Dr. sign off is not needed.  If the event is more than 72 hours, then parts A, B and C is required and will need a Dr. sign off.  If the event involves scuba diving, you will need parts A, B and C (including Dr. sign off) AND the PADI medical release including a Dr. sign off.

  • Parts A & B: Physicals required for all events less than seventy two (72) hours that do not involve high adventure activities (Examples:  Beaumont Blast or Fall Fun Rally).  This does not require a doctor sign off.  Any Scuba activities require Parts A, B and C (see below).  Updated May 2015
  • Parts A, B and C.  Physicals required for all events longer than seventy two (72) hours ( Examples:  John F. Swift Base, NYLT ).  Part C is also needed which requires a doctor sign off.  This is required for ALL Scuba diving events (those diving).  Updated May 2015.
  • OTC Medication Form – Permission form allowing Crew adults to administer any Over the Counter medications that may not have been listed on your child’s BSA physical.  Crew leaders are not permitted to administer any medications not indicated on this form.
  • PADI Medical Statement Release – If you have any “yes” on the PADI forms during any class that you take, you will also need to complete this form and have it signed by a doctor OR if it is a crew event.  BSA requires a signed PADI medical statement for all scuba diving activities including a Dr. sign off.  Updated May 2015.
  • PADI Medical Statement additional 4 pages... Some Dr’s (very few), will ask to see the addtional/supplemental information to the physical.  This document is those additional pages to print or show your Dr if they need them.

Crew Release form

This Crew release form was changed and approved by the Committee in April 2016.   This form is required for Crew events, including:

  • Any outing that includes an overnight stay
  • Any outing that is a high adventure activity
  • Any outing that the Crew provides transportation (for example, we meet at the dive shop and drive to the location)


Crew 905 Release Form.  This one works great if you are just going to print

Crew 905 Release Form – fillable.  This form works great if you are going to fill out on line, then print it.

This form must be completed by everyone attending the event:  minors, adults and guests.

Contact sheet

Contact Sheet.  Wish to be added to our mailing list?  Has your information changed?  Complete the contact sheet and email the form to the crew advisor or bring it to the next crew meeting or event.

Crew 905 forms (must have user name and password).  

Crew 905 Forms 

  • For all other Crew forms and documents, click here for a separate web page.  Please note, this page does require a log-in for entry.  This page includes Crew by-laws, officers duties, how to get the Crew calendar on your phone and many other forms exclusive for Crew members only.