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Scuba Crew 905!!!!

Scuba Crew 905 is a Boy Scouts of America Co-ed Venture Crew in St Charles, MO and …..WE LOVE TO DIVE!  Scuba Crew 905 was chartered in 2002 and is sponsored by MidAdventurewest Scuba in St. Charles MO. The philosophy of our Crew is to let the Venturers experience nature and our world as much as possible, particularly the underwater world via Scuba Diving. After all, two-thirds of SCOUTING is “outing”.  To that accord, many of the Crew 905 diving events are here in the Midwest at local lakes and quarries, with a few trips traveling to farther and more tropical locations.   We also schedule and plan different projects and activities to socialize and support district council events; even though we are a “Scuba Crew”, less than half of our events are scuba diving related.


If you are a young person, male or female, ages 14 to 20, and are interested in scuba diving, or just want to have a good time making new friends, then Scuba Crew 905 is for you! Our Crew presents chances to try new things, provide service to others and boost self-confidence while teaching Scouting values like leadership, building character and developing personal fitness.

Benefits of joining Crew 905:


Not a certified Scuba diver?

Certification is certainly not required to be a member of Crew 905, in fact, most of our members when they join us are not. But, if you are interested, we have Scuba Skill Centers set up where we Underwatercan help you get certified so you can enjoy the amazing experience of exploring underwater! There are also plenty of non-scuba events for you to attend so you can just hang out with us and enjoy all the fun activities with new friends!


Expert experience

Our professional staff has decades of scuba experience that we gladly share with the crew.


Life support

Don’t have your own dive equipment? No problem. Our sponsor, Midwest Scuba provides dive equipment for a discounted fee, to Crew 905 members attending crew events…depending on availability, first-come, first-served.


Gain Scuba experience at a low cost

Every year, we schedule a few local dive trips for the crew that will allow you to gain valuable dive experience as well as provide opportunities for certifications at a discounted cost.BT logo Vent


Exciting trip opportunities

Most every other year, Crew 905 plans a big adventure to utilize our Scuba skills in a warm & beautiful setting! We also plan a few mini-trips to supplement our diving experiences, especially during non-“super” trip years.


Low-cost membership

Boy Scouts already registered with other Scout groups can register with Crew 905 while maintaining membership status with their home group. Of course, any youth that is not already a Scout can register with our CCanoerew too, male and female!



Crew 905 members conduct several fundraisers throughout the year to help reduce the cost of our activities. These fundraisers are fun to attend and do not involve door to door sales!


Regular meetings

We gather once a month for regular crew meetings to socialize, plan and schedule all the fun stuff.  Meetings are typically held at Midwest Scuba, 513 Clark St., St. Charles MO 63301, on the 1st Monday of each month at 6:30pm until about 8:00pm.


Easy to contact

Scuba Crew 905 is super easy to reach for more information or to become a member!! Feel free to contact us at:


Joseph, Crew President,

Colton, Vice President – Program,

Clay Beeler, Crew Advisor,

Penny Auld, Crew Committee Chairman,






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